Why Buy One Of Our Top Quality Shepherds?

A German Shepherd Puppy or Adult from us will be a wonderful addition to your family. Our breeding program follows Germany's Standard of Excellence, and our dogs all have AKC registration pedigree papers.  Our German Shepherd (GSD) dogs have excelled in all areas.  They have become Schutzhund dogs, Police K-9's, Obedience dogs, Agility dogs, Leaders of the Blind, Hospital Therapy dogs, Search and Rescue dogs, Bomb/Drug Detector dogs, Herding dogs, Show Champions, & just as important......LOVING, LOYAL FAMILY COMPANIONS!

A German Shepherd is a truly wonderful dog. This great breed was developed by Captain Max Von Stepahitz in Germany in 1899 to be a superior service dog for mankind. The Captain wisely said that without working ability there is no beauty. This means that looks alone are useless. This great breed has accomplished so many things throughout it's history because temperament, courage, and health were tested in every generation.

Every dog in our breeding program must have a confident, stable, social, yet protective when needed, personality. All dogs in the breeding program are healthy and x-rayed free of dysplasia for at least 4 generations! Our dogs are very beautiful, and are WORLD CLASS. Just check out the pedigrees on the dogs and you'll see they are full of the "Who's Who of German Champions".

German Shepherd puppies are produced from our breeding females usually for the first time usually when the female is 2 to 3 years of age. Females that mature more slowly may wait until 4 years old to produce their first litter.  Each female is bred an average of once per year, and they usually retire at 6 years of age.  This means the girls average 3-4 litters in their lifetime.  Since most of our dogs live 12 years or more, we do NOT breed the life out of our dogs!  The females' heat cycles tend to group together (like women in an office!), so we produce litters in 'clusters', mostly in the fall, winter and spring months.  Each puppy is loved and handled from the time of birth until they are released to their new homes. Our puppies are happy, loving, healthy, and well socialized!  Complete feeding, vaccination and housetraining instructions come with each of our puppies.

Our dogs have done just about everything a German Shepherd can do. They have included Police Dogs, Search & Rescue Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Schutzhund Dogs, Drug/Bomb Detector Dogs, Herding Dogs, Obedience Dogs, Agility Dogs, Tracking Dogs, Guide Dogs, Show Champion Dogs, and just as important…COURAGEOUS FAMILY DOGS!

Breeding dogs is an art, not a science, and the more experienced the breeder is, the more predictable and successful the resulting litters will be. I had the first German Shepherd in the USA to win an all-breed herding trial (in 1978). I have obtained over 35 Schutzhund (German protection dog) titles on my dogs. I have a world record in the number of dogs I competed with in one Schutzhund Trial (6). I have obtained more than 15 AKC obedience titles on my dogs, and have earned 5 Tracking Dog degrees. I have obtained more than 10 V ratings (German Championships). I Trained Police Dogs for the city of La Mesa for 2 years, and trained Protection Dogs for 15 years. I wrote articles as a Contributing Editor, writing about German Shepherds, for Dog Sports Magazine for several years. I have worked as a professional dog trainer since 1976, and have been breeding German Shepherds since 1976 as well. I know what  good German Shepherds are, and how to produce them!

Once you have had a good shepherd, you have been spoiled for life. For those of you that have had a good one…you know what I'm talking about. For those that have not yet had the pleasure, purchase one of our German Shepherds and see what you have been missing

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