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Here you will find information on our  Priority (paid) Waiting List, a sample copy of our Holding Deposit form (like the one used for actually reserving a puppy from a particular litter). These are posted for your information only. They are NOT to be printed and used to submit funds to Schwarze-Hunde. If you wish to buy one of our wonderful puppies or adults, contact us directly, and we will email you a questionnaire, which will be followed by a form to use if we feel our puppy will be a good fit for your family and needs.

Puppy Priority Waiting List Information

Due to the sometimes great demand for my puppies, and the fact people often miss out on the opportunity to reserve one of my puppies I use the following procedure:

There will be Priority Waiting List. People pay $250 to be on the Priority Waiting List. When you sign up for the Priority Waiting List you must specify which sex (or mark either sex), and indicate the color puppy you want (black or bi-color). The Priority List is not be for a specific litter, but will give you a Priority position for an as yet unborn puppy of your requested color and sex of puppy. Hair length can also be specified. All of my litters are bred from wonderful stock with excellent temperament and beauty.  

Upcoming puppies will be offered first to the people on the Priority Waiting List, according to their place on the Priority waiting List. The position on the Priority Waiting List is determined by the date and time the Priority List fee was received by us. If you do not want to join the Priority List, feel free to check back on the website anytime for updates as to what puppies are available.


You will be notified by email that a puppy is born and available that matches your request. You will have 24 hours to respond that you do, or do not wish to reserve a puppy from that litter. If you wish to reserve, you need notify me with 24 hours of me contacting you to say a puppy is available, and then you must submit the balance of the Holding Deposit ($250) to make the $500 total holding deposit within the next 48 hours.  This means once I contact you offering a puppy you have 1 day to say yes or no, and if you say yes you have another 2 days to get the other $250 to me for the balance of the Holding Deposit.

If you place a Holding Deposit on a litter offered to you, you will make the actual selection of which puppy you want when the puppies are about 6

weeks old. Selection from the litter will be made in the order in which the Holding Deposits were received, and then the puppy is released to you at 8 weeks old. ,

Payments can be made in Cash, by Cashier Check or Money Order PAYABLE TO JACKIE ATHON or by using PayPal. If you wish to use Paypal for the Priority list fee please let me know. I use a different email address for PayPal. Contact me first if you wish to send money via PayPal There is a 3% additional fee to use PayPal if you are in the USA, or 5% if sent from another country.

Payments that are not paid in cash can be mailed. My entire property is fenced and has locked gates for the dog’s safety, so the mail carrier can not get up to the house or kennel to ask for a signature. This means you MUST send the payment in a way that does not require a signature. If you use Express mail or FedEx of UPS mark it Signature waived, or use Priority Mail and put a tracking label on it so you can verify delivery. The address is on the form.

 If I can not offer you a puppy that matches your reservation request with in 6 months, you can request in writing that the $250 Priority List fee be refunded.

If I offer you a puppy, and you decline it (or fail to respond to your notification email), you remain on the Priority List for the next litter. You do not loose your spot on the list. If you have declined a puppy, you may remain on the list for the next litter only. If you choose to be removed from the list before the 6 months expire, or if I offered you a puppy which you declined, then the list fee of $250 is non-refundable.  

If you want to be on the Priority Wait List you need to contact me.  I will send you a form to fill out and submit. 

If you do place a Holding deposit on a puppy once it is born, selections will be made in the order in which the Holding Deposits were received when the puppies are 5-6 weeks old, and the puppies are released to their new homes at about 9 weeks old. The Holding Deposit is for a specific sex and color from a litter that has already been born, and it is not transferable from one litter to another, so be sure you do want a puppy before paying the Holding Deposit.

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