SOLID BLACK and Bi-Color German Shepherd

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TOP German Shepherd Puppies and Adults BI COLOR FEMALE PUPPIES BORN July 1ST!! NEXT SOLID BLACKS DUE JULY 15TH~ We Proudly Support the USO and the Wounded Warroir Project! Delivery of your dog to an airport near you within the USA and Canada is available! 

Vom Schwarze-Hunde German Shepherds

Breeding fine German Shepherds since 1976

Superior Temperament+Beauty+Courage 

Excellent Breeding/Working Prospects

Exceptional Solid Blacks & Bi-Colors

German Shepherd, German Shepard, German Sheperd, German Sheppard. No matter how you spell it, you will love our German Shepherd puppies!



Schwarze-Hunde means Black Dogs in German. We feel the name fits us!! I am here to help you in your quest for knowledge about the true "German" German Shepherd, and in the selection of the best dog for your needs.  This site is updated frequently.  Stop by and check us out!! If this is a repeat visit, be sure to hit the "refresh" button on your browser so you get the most recent version. We are happy to answer your questions throughout the life of your Vom Schwarze-Hunde dog.